Elric brothers

1. Edward Elric

You will have to make ALphonse yourself cuz I cant get the armor suit in bodyshop,sorry
You will have to make ALphonse yourself cuz I cant get the armor suit in bodyshop,sorry
Edward Elric part 1
FMA sims mad by Amy-Hotchic
please dont redistbute ;-D
Edo Elric (part 1).rar
Komprimiertes Dateiarchiv 2.4 MB
Edward Elric part 2
FMA sims mad by Amy-Hotchic
please dont redistbute ;-D
Edo Elric (part 2).rar
Komprimiertes Dateiarchiv 2.8 MB

Deadly sins Homonculi

1.Wrath 2.Greed 3.Envy

Not Included Mesh
You will need the "MESH headprotector" from this
RAR for Envy`s headband to show up in your game!
Needed Meshes.rar
Komprimiertes Dateiarchiv 127.1 KB
Homonculi Sims by Amy-Hotchic
please don `t redistribute =)
Komprimiertes Dateiarchiv 3.0 MB
Homunculi Sims by Amy-Hotchic
please don `t redistribute =)
Komprimiertes Dateiarchiv 4.4 MB
Homonculus Sims by Amy-Hotchic
please don `t redistribute =)
Komprimiertes Dateiarchiv 4.9 MB

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  • #1

    happybamboo2 (Samstag, 04 Juli 2009 22:05)


  • #2

    Edward (Freitag, 07 August 2009 13:58)

    Perfect sims ^^
    Thx for help to install them ^^
    maby you can do some more fma sims? ^^

  • #3

    amy-hotchic (Montag, 10 August 2009 21:14)

    yo Edo kun :D I took your request and uploaded Elric brothers

  • #4

    Edward (Dienstag, 18 August 2009 23:02)

    Whaaaaaaa I love them *_____*
    THX so much I love you x3

  • #5

    *_* (Dienstag, 03 November 2009 19:20)


  • #6

    Alphonse (Sonntag, 03 Januar 2010)

    Arigatou, Amy-san! Arigatou! Is it possible for you to upload some more? Like maybe Mustang-san and Hawkeye-san just to annoy Niisan? It would be funny ^.^ Thanks if you will! Arigatou!

  • #7

    amy-hotchic (Mittwoch, 10 Februar 2010 18:07)

    Maybe I will Aru-san :D I must continue watching fma
    brotherhood to get in fma mood xD then i create sims

  • #8

    Itachi-fan4ever (Donnerstag, 11 Februar 2010 18:12)

    hello amy! i really want roy mustang please! i like this site so much!

  • #9

    pochukitten (Sonntag, 28 Februar 2010 17:34)

    Can you use these for sims 3? If not, can you convert them? ;-; Very cute!

  • #10

    yumymystery (Dienstag, 02 März 2010 16:32)

    Your sims are awesome!!!*0*but I can`t install them - I don`t know what additions of sims2 I must to have.I just have nightlife,freetime,university,business,seasons,glamour life,celebration stuff,family fun stuff,h&m fashion stuff,pets,bon voyage,festive holiday fun stuff,teen style stuff,kitchen & bath interior design,ikea stuff.so, what addition I need to install sims successfully?I need apartment life,am I right?Sorry,if I bother you T_T

  • #11

    amy-hotchic (Dienstag, 01 Juni 2010 13:44)

    yush u need Apartment life XD
    (god i get tht question almost daily)

  • #12

    Roy Lover (Freitag, 12 November 2010 21:11)

    where is fcking Roy?! T^T

  • #13

    Liisa (Mittwoch, 01 Dezember 2010 20:42)



  • #14

    kerstin Wise (Freitag, 31 Dezember 2010 12:07)

    gotta gueston" how can i download that elric into the game? i know that normally (like on envy) you just add it into ..downloads" and then click on it and install it... but what can i do when (like on ed) its separated into two parts? please answer :'(

  • #15

    Envy_015 (Mittwoch, 13 April 2011 18:25)

    Wow, Envy's beautiful!! Really *.*

  • #16

    Konata (Dienstag, 28 Juni 2011 01:14)

    I got lucky, I don't need Apartment life to use the Sims :D Thanks for making all these awesome looking ppl!

  • #17

    Buy Cialis (Montag, 04 Juli 2011 15:56)

    No way, you are complete otuku !! it seems that you need to get a life seriously!

  • #18

    Sarah Kimblee (Mittwoch, 06 Juli 2011 20:08)

    :DD do you think you could make Brotherhood characters too? like Ling and LanFan or even GreedLing

  • #19

    4RX (Montag, 18 Juli 2011 16:32)

    OK this is the third time that I see a excellent anime, destroyed by someone, I can't believe that someone take part of they life, to create abominations like this.

  • #20

    WhiteLink (Donnerstag, 05 Januar 2012 00:13)

    Where is WINRY!

  • #21

    Deviloffaer (Donnerstag, 12 April 2012 15:06)

    I love Envy

  • #22

    Amy (Dienstag, 17 April 2012 09:09)

    Where in the world is WINRY?

  • #23

    alex (Freitag, 18 Mai 2012 14:51)

    very interesting article. thanks for sharing.

  • #24

    suky (Donnerstag, 27 September 2012 05:21)

    Ah! I love your sims, but... I just have a sucefull instalation with Edward Elric, cause are package.
    I download all of yours sims, but I cant found in my game! =/
    I think that is archive, cause the other sims are in "sims2pack".
    I already modificate the format for package but... dont work!

    If u can help me! =D

    My version is the sims 2 pet stories (for notebook)

  • #25

    Leila (Donnerstag, 25 Oktober 2012 00:00)

    I can perfectly find Greed, but not Envy and Wrath. Help! D:

  • #26

    Full gun alchemist (Sonntag, 16 Juni 2013 10:00)

    there isn't Riza
    I am so sad !!!

  • #27

    wróżka (Montag, 28 November 2016 17:10)


  • #28

    Tutaj (Dienstag, 29 November 2016 15:37)


  • #29

    sekstel (Dienstag, 29 November 2016 20:45)